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Aqualux spa

Aqualux Spa is a space designed so that you can enjoy an overall feeling of relaxation, recover from the stress of everyday life and tone your body through well-designed circuits that combine hydrotherapy, massages, Roman baths and flotation tanks.

Active pools

Pools with water at body temperature where you can find up to 7 types of pressurised water and air jets. Designed for different parts of the body, they provide mini-massages, toning and relaxing our muscles and reactivating the circulation in our calves, lower-back, spine, neck, etc.

Roman bath

A space that combines water at a temperature of 45 degrees with 70% humidity. This combination opens the pores of your skin, helping with the removal of toxins. Likewise, it soothes the nerves and relaxes the muscles in a way that is very invigorating.

Floatation tank & VIPS area

The floatation tank is a pool that combines water with other elements and where musical effects and special lighting transport us to a state of deep relaxation, both muscular and mental.For those who want to exclusively enjoy a special and private treatment, Aqualux Spa has a VIP area where you can enjoy a jacuzzi, relaxing heated beds, steam baths, private showers, mini-bar and more.


Aqualux Spa offers massages combined with thermal techniques designed to achieve greater wellness; relaxing and therapeutic massages to eliminate built-up tension; and Vichy showers with water sprays at different temperatures that reactivate circulation. Furthermore, massages can be combined with different treatments such as chocolate, mud or seaweed.


There is an area exclusively dedicated to beauty with a beauty treatment room where you can have a facial, body peeling or Germaine de Capuccini beauty treatments.
It also has tanning booths.